Mizzou Black Women’s Initiative


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MBWI  began in 2010 by students and Operated as a student organization with an executive board but, the initiative was re-structured in 2018 w/ institutional support from GOBCC which introduced: the Leadership Team, Mission, and the Pillars

There are four pillars that guide the operation of the program: Academic Success, Career Readiness, Establishing Community, and Identity Exploration. Students explore the program’s pillars through the SSC 1150 and EDLPA 3100 course curriculum, participation in leadership activities, community service opportunities and various discussions among the group. Students are encouraged to get involved through various campus lectures, exposure to campus resources, and networking events with faculty/staff, and community leaders.

The fall 2019 SSC 1150 course is mandatory and will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-1: 50 pm, so you will need to leave this time period open in your class schedule. This course can count towards your general education requirements.

Learning Outcomes of MBWI

Understand the different components of the Mizzou Black Women’s Initiative (MBWI) and how they support the experiences of Black women. Develop ways that individuals in their own institutions could create space or opportunity for a program such as MBWI. Discern what may be transferable from the MBWI program to your own campus. Identify ways you can utilize theory to support your own initiatives/programs.